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EHX Freeze used by Jim James

Jim James, singer, songwriter, guitarist, for the hard rocking band, My Morning Jacket, shares guitar duties with bandmate Carl Broemel. Both were selected by Rolling Stone magazine to appear on a short list of New Guitar Gods.

The multi-talented James recently picked up an Electro-Harmonix FREEZE and wrote in to say:

“I’m deep in the studio in Bangladesh, in the throes of working on my latest raga. I need something new, some new sort of drone or sustain, and someone hands me the freeze. I capture the sound of a kitten mewing outside of the studio and sustain it indefinitely with the freeze pedal-perfection! I can now raga for hours, or until the end of time- as my freeze pedal will allow me to fuck with the space-time continuum any way I choose. Thanks EH!“


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