Crush Chameleon Ash


The Crush Chameleon Ash shell pack offers the best of power and tone in a single kit. Ash wood produces clear punchy attack and solid even lows. The Chameleon shell sizes have been specifically chosen to give the drummer a versatile drum set that can be played in any application. The set has been finished with a satin stain lacquer to insure that each drum’s full tonal potential is achieved. 


24x18" Bass Drum

14x6" Snare Drum

12x9" Tom

16x16" Floor Tom

Tom Arm and Mounts are included

Cymbals and hardware are sold separately.

The Chameleon Ash drum shell pack also features Crush Drums and Percussion’s proprietary color changeable lugs which allows the drummer to customize their kit without having to remove the lugs from the shell. The kit also features a proprietary suspension mounting system that integrates into the lug design. This design supports the mounted toms from two lugs without the need for contact to the drum shell for stability, which insures optimal and unrestricted resonance.

The toms feature heavy duty triple flange hoops and the snare uses Crush Drums and Percussion’s reverse flange 2.3mm hoops for added strength and projection. The mounted tom and floor tom leg brackets also features our integrated memory lock for perfect placement and added strength.  Toms feature Remo Ambassador UT heads on batter side and Clear Remo Ambassador UT heads on Resonant side. Snare features Remo Coated Ambassador Head on Top and Remo Ambassador UT Snare side head. Bass Drum Features Remo Power Stroke Batter side with Remo Power Stroke Ebony Resonant side. Cymbals and hardware are sold separately.