Drum Dial

Drum Dial

Snare drums, rack toms, bass drums and even timpani are all easily tuned without even hitting the drum head. DrumDial does this by measuring Timpanic Pressure - not tension rod torque. All drum users will appreciate the ability to accurately tune their drums, again and again, especially in loud environments.

Standard Features Include:

- DrumDial Edge Gage

- Locking bezel with moveable locators for easy marking of tuning range

- Lug back for improved handling

- Soft foam lined box to protect the tuner

- Easy to read gage and a precision mechanism for fast, accurate tuning


- Silent Operation

- Tuning Accuracy

- Ability to Repeatedly Tune to a Particular Pitch

- Easily Tunes in Loud Surroundings

- Compact and User Friendly

- Measures Timpanic Pressure, not Tension Rod Torque

- Full 1 Year Warranty