Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 5 (Open Box)

Hughes & Kettner

This little guy with big sound goes from stage to studio with ease.

The Hughes and Kettner TubeMeister 5 amp head stands as a testament to the knowledge and passion of Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner. It transforms your every touch into expressive tone, delivering soulful sound straight from your fingertips. The fully featured preamp offers a wealth of sonic riches. A flip of the Drive switch is all it takes to go from clean to mean. The power amp sports oversized transformers and a 12BH7 dual triode that operates in push-pull mode. Housed in a single glass envelope, these two tube systems deliver a devastating one-two punch that will rock your tone. If you need to keep it soft in the studio or make it loud in the rehearsal room or on stage, the Red Box and power-soak are on board to feed true power amp tone straight to the desk.


  • 1 channel + drive
  • Warm tube tone with phenomenal dynamic range that sweeps from sparkling clean and throaty crunch
  • Harmonically rich tube distortion and the gain reserves go from edgy overdrive to soaring lead tones
  • 1 - 12AX7
  • 1 – 12BH7
  • Oversized transformers that allow greater headroom on Clean and more punch on Drive
  • Automatic/switchable power soak with silent recording function
  • Balanced and speaker-emulated Red Box Out for authentic recording tracks

$379.99 $499.99