Bigger pads, stronger hardware, and enhanced V-Edit capabilities anchor the new TD-12KX V-Stage kit. The drum rack and mounting hardware have been redesigned as well, providing an extra solid feel with enhanced pad mounting and placement. The KD-120 kick pad is larger and more stable, as is the PD-105 floor-tom pad, offering a more natural look and feel around the kit. Enhanced V-Edit features have also been added to the TD-12KX package for a wider variety of custom sounds. For drummers who want the best V-Drums sound and performance without the larger footprint and price of the flagship TD-20SX, the TD-12KX is the ideal instrument.

  • New MDS-12X drum rack with adjustable arms and ball-clamp holders
  • KD-120 V-Kick offers natural, comfortable kick feel and stability
  • PD-105 for floor tom provides a more natural look and feel
  • VH-11 V-Hi-Hat compatible with standard acoustic hi-hat stands
  • Acclaimed TD-12 sound module with hundreds of expressive and diverse sounds onboard
  • Enhanced V-Edit capabilities allow a wider variety of custom sounds

The TD-12KX-S components are packaged in two boxes as follows:

  • Box 1 (TD-12KX):
    (1) TD-12 Percussion Sound Module
    (2) PD-105BK Mesh Pads (Snare, Tom 4)
    (2) PD-85BK Mesh Pads (Tom 1, Tom 2)
    (1) KD-120BK Mesh Kick Pad
    (3) CY-12R/C Cymbal Pads
    (1) VH-11 Hi-Hat
  • Box 2 (MDS-12X):
    This includes the drum set rack, the clamps and arms for both the pads and cymbals, and the mounting hardware for the TD-12 module.