Way Huge Pork Loin

Sticks n' Strings Music


With a wide range of dynamic tones from supple and clear to warm and punchy! The Pork Loin's amazing features and superior functionality distinguish it from the mass of clones on the market today!

The Pork Loin incorporates two distinct tonal pathways that are blended together¿a modern soft clipping overdrive and a modified classic British preamp for clean. At the heart of the Pork Loin's overdrive path is a soft clipped BiFET gain stage with a low pass filter TONE control, rounded out by a CURVE function that gives the user freedom to fine-tune corner frequencies.

The VOLUME control regulates the masses of pork power that exude from its space age circuitry, leaving room for the CLEAN control to blend in its warm glistening clean tones. Additionally, the Pork Loin has three internal mini controls for fine-tuning the pedal to your guitar rig. internal mini controls: FILTER deliver extensive tonal shaping possibilities for the British preamp, while the overdrive MIX control allows the Pork Loin to be run as a clean preamp. Additionally, the PRESENCE control tweaks the high end on the overdrive.

These controls are for fine-tuning to your guitar and amp rig:
Filter - adjusts the clean preamp tonal spectrum
Voice - cuts the mid frequencies of the clean
Presence - tweaks the high end on the overdrive
Drive Mix - controls the mix of the overdrive. Turn this all the way down to get only clean British preamp tones with no overdrive.

VOLUME - regulates the masses of pork power that exude from its space age circuitry
TONE - adjusts the overdrives tonal spectrum
OVERDRIVE - emanates smooth soft clipped overdrives waves
CLEAN - blends in warm glistening clean tones
CURVE - for fine-tuning corner frequencies of the overdrive
FOOTSWITCH - toggles the effect on/bypass (blue LED indicates effect is ON)